The RIKEN Center for Brain Science (RIKEN CBS) is Japan's core center for research on the "brain" as the basis of the "mind. We promote basic research at multiple levels, including cells, individuals, and social systems, in order to understand the brain, one of the great remaining frontiers in natural science, and return the results to society.

RIKEN CBS offers graduate students who join a laboratory through the graduate student acceptance system the opportunity to complete their master's and doctoral theses and obtain their degrees from their graduate schools while receiving research guidance in a well-developed research environment. RIKEN CBS has an international research environment and offers a variety of research training programs.

01From our Director

Photo: Ryoichiro Kageyama

RIKEN CBS has established a cooperative graduate school system to provide young researchers with research opportunities and to introduce flexible ideas into our laboratories.

Since the days of our predecessor, BSI (1997-2018), RIKEN CBS has focused on fostering young researchers for brain science research. For example, the Summer Program, which has been implemented since 1999, has accepted more than 40 young researchers every year, mainly graduate students, in the Internship Course, in which they are accepted as interns in laboratories, and the Lecture Course, in which they take 1-2 weeks of intensive brain science courses.
In addition, the Brain Science Training Program, established in 2009, has received high acclaim as the first lecture series in Japan to offer systematic brain science learning in English.

In 2020, the course was conducted online due to COVID-19 measures, but it attracted a larger number of participants from all over Japan than ever before. We are encouraged that so many young people who are interested in brain science were able to attend lectures by leading researchers.

RIKEN CBS has a graduate student acceptance program with financial support for graduate students from all over the world who wish to become more deeply involved in research. We have a research fellowship title of JRA (Junior Research Associate) for domestic graduate students and IPA (International Program Associate) for non-Japanese graduate students, which allows them to join their respective laboratories once they are hired. This is a great opportunity to be involved in the world's most advanced research at RIKEN CBS while remaining affiliated with your current graduate school.
We encourage graduate students who are interested in brain research to experience the real thrill of research.

CBS is a place where you can foster your challenging spirit and make your fresh ideas come to life!

02RIKEN CBS research

Check out this page for more information on research being conducted in individual RIKEN CBS laboratories.

03Research facilities

RIKEN CBS has the following units that support research, and with the support of these units, researchers can conduct experiments efficiently and effectively.
Support units at RRD (Research Resources Division):

We also have an assortment of research equipment, which allows us to conduct research in state-of-the-art facilities.

1. Imaging

We also perform analysis for using the above equipment and provide support for its use.

2. Analysis of biological materials

  • Next generation sequencers
  • Mass spectrometer
  • Gene polymorphism analysis
  • Automated cell preparative analysis

3. Laboratory animal facilities

  • Mouse behavior analysis battery
  • Mouse embryo manipulation technology
  • Marmoset breeding facility
  • Zebrafish breeding facility (National BioResource Project)

04International environment

English is the official language at RIKEN CBS. This allows for researchers from around the world to conduct research together. In addition, regular seminars and forums are held mainly in English. Meetings in the labs are also mainly held in English, and there is a lot of international interactions At YIS (Young Investigators Seminar and Social), presentations and Q&A sessions are held in English.

05Young researcher development program

RIKEN CBS has various programs to foster young researchers. Check out the respective links for more details.

  1. Brain Science Training Program: Comprehensive brain science course for graduate students.
  2. Summer Program: One week of intensive brain science lectures open to all RIKEN CBS members.
  3. Young Investigators Seminar and Social: An opportunity for young researchers to present their research. Currently held on Zoom, presentations are discussed with members from other teams.
  4. CBS Retreat: A center-wide event where poster and oral presentations are actively held to practice for conference presentations and to create interdisciplinary exchange.
  5. Online BSS: A series of monthly online CBS seminars featuring expert lectures by prominent international researchers in various fields of brain science.